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Eating Vegan at Disneyland Paris

I’ve visited Disneyland Paris a couple of times this year, and although there is quite a lot of vegan food, it can be hard to find! So I thought I’d collate all the information I found out whilst there (and doing a lot of research online) about where the best places to eat are and pop them here on my blog for everyone to have use of (I know it’s not a recipe – sorry)!

Even though there aren’t a huge amount of options still compared to the American parks – and a lot of the food is in fact quite pricey (but what isn’t in Disneyland?!) – the Paris parks are finally recognising demand for vegan food, and more dishes are being advertised and released regularly – hurrah!

From my experience, if in doubt, just ask! When visiting the food outlets in the park since being vegan, all the staff have been more than willing to answer questions and even give you the allergy list too – so you can double check what’s in the food they’re serving. So if you do have an allergy or just simply don’t want to consume animal products, you can have peace of mind that you’re eating something suitable, and to ensure certain products haven’t been cooked in ‘meaty’ oils too.

If a sit-down restaurant doesn’t have any specific vegan meals they’re more than happy to veganise a meal for you or make you something from scratch – just make sure you give them a little notice (when booking or the day beforehand).

And even though the DLP website says you’re not allowed to take food in with you and will be confiscated, this hasn’t happened to me on any of my trips this year (went in the parks for 7 days in total). Security checks are very thorough, but they’re only interested in checking your bags for safety reasons rather than food. So I always take a snack bar or two with me to keep my belly from rumbling when queuing for my favourite rides! There are also plenty of water refill stations around the park, so ensure you take a refillable water bottle with you too – which will save you a lot of money on drinks and help minimise plastic waste too.

Sweet Treats

There are quite a few sweet treats that you can enjoy at DLP and can be found all around both parks, too. They will also help you stay on your feet all the way until the fireworks…

  • Popcorn (fresh and boxed – they’re the same!)
  • Churros (served at the Fuente del Oro Restaurante – opposite Big Thunder Mountain)
  • Toffee apples
  • Candyfloss
  • Lollipops (check the food colouring codes, it may vary for different flavours and colours)

Savoury Snacks & Self Service Food

  • Vegan Sweet Chesnut Soup*
  • Vegan Mushroom Soup*
  • Vegan Split Pea Soup*
  • Salad (Salade Boulgour & Crudités) – Disney Blockbuster Cafe (Studios)
  • Side salads
  • Soft pretzels (mickey mouse shaped)
  • Fries (double check what they’re cooked in)
  • Lays crisps (not all flavours) in various souvenir shops

*seasonal – from the ‘market’ in the studios

Park Restaurants (Sit Down Meals)

  • Agrabah’s cafe: Morrocan buffet full of lots of unlimited humous, pittas, veggies, pasta, couscous, quinoa salads and more!
  • Chez Remy:
    • Starter:
      • Breads and vinaigrette dip
      • Mixed green salad with sun-dried tomatoes, crunchy radishes and a vegetable vinaigrette dressing. It comes with a poached egg but if they know you’re vegan they won’t add it on top
    • Main:
      • Veganise the vegetable and tofu navarin ratatouille by removing the butter sauce and potatoes (comes on a bed of vegetables)
    • Desert:
      • Fruit salad (make sure there’s not whipped cream)
Main at Chez Remy. Photo from:
  • Captain Jack’s:
    • Starter:
      • Breads
      • Salads (double check they’re vegan)
    • Main:
      • Vegetable curry with plantain banana and Captain’s rice 
    • Desert (double check ingredients – but they look vegan):
      • Baked banana in rum and cane sugar with caramelised pecan nuts
      • Exotic fruit soup with muscovado sugar and coconut foam
      • An assortment of exotic sorbets

Disney Village

  • Starbucks: always have a vegan sandwich or wrap option (often a lot cheaper than food in the park)
  • Earl of Sandwich
  • Annettes Diner:
    • Starters:
      • Hash brown potato sticks
      • Onion rings
    • Mains:
      • The Annette’s Style Soya Burger:
        • Can be veganised by asking for it without coleslaw and mozzarella (also check the brioche bun for dairy just in case)
      • The Veggie Burger:
        • The Veggie Burger can also be veganised by removing the mozzarella and side of coleslaw. It includes breaded tofu on a mushroom bun with more mushrooms (!), pesto, aubergine, courgette, avocados and cherry tomatoes
      • Desert:
        • Fruit salad (ask for no whipped cream)
  • Billy Bob’s:
    • Buffet:
      • Lots of options including olives, nachos & salsa, tortillas, lentil salads, veggie chilli, loads of veg, rice and pasta etc.
    • Dessert:
      • Dark Chocolate Fountain
      • Ice lollies
Billy Bob’s Buffet. Photo from:

Disney Hotel Food

Disney Hotel Food:

  • Breakfasts: usually have lots of bread, fruit, jam, cereal, fruit juice and tea and coffee that are suitable – soy milk can be requested too
  • Inventions Character Breakfast: lots of vegan options
  • Disneyland Hotel: definitely has vegan options – or could make them for you – see the screenshot from the Disneyland Paris Instagram Story on the 20th of December

If there’s anything I’ve missed, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment if you’ve found more vegan food on your adventures!

If you are dining at a particular restaurant and have to book in advance, it may be best to just mention at the time of booking that you’re vegan so they’re definitely able to accommodate your needs.

I hope this helps, and I hope you have an amazing time at Disney!

Steph x

Please always double check the allergen information if you are unsure, as I can’t guarantee that all the information I’ve provided is 100% correct at the time you visit, as menus and ingredients can change.

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  1. The sorbet in the park is Carter dor and is unfortunately not vegan or contains dairy o asked this summer sorry!


  2. Thank you so for this information! I’m going to parks with my family at Easter and this is so helpful.


    • It’s my pleasure! Just make sure you double check with the kiosks for allergy info (they often give you a book) as it can change. Hope they’ve got more vegan options for you than when I last visited too 🤞🏻 have an amazing time!


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