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Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book


A5 books with a coil bind, so the book will easily stay open when you’re cooking!

So what’s in the book?

The book comprises of 32 recipes varying from how to make your own plant-based milks to smoothies, pancakes and even vegan eggs-Benedict – a preview can be seen here.

The recipes will vary from simple to difficult but most will be quick and easy recipes that can be made either the night before work or easily on the morning of – but don’t worry, each recipe will have a guide on how long it should take to make.

A list of major allergens will also be found on each page, so if you’re gluten free, nut free or even soy free you can easily identify recipes that you can make without having to read everything.

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Thank you so much for you support, every sale means a lot.

Steph x

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